Orbitz launches traveller updates

Orbitz is launching its incentive program supporting the beta-test of its OrbitzTLC Traveler Update service. Orbitz also recently unveiled
its newest television advertising creative, showcasing this latest
technology innovation.
  OrbitzTLC Traveler Update is a new service which invites travelers to
share real-time information regarding what’s happening in and around the
nation’s top airports. Additionally, the site includes historical security
wait times from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),
up-to-the-minute flight information from the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA), OrbitzTLC air traffic alerts and other reliable
traffic and weather information.
  From now through October 28, 2007, the “Top 100” contributors to
Traveler Update will be eligible to win two free first class airline
  Anyone can post information to the site via computer or web-enabled
cell phone at http://mobile.orbitz.com. By registering with Orbitz.com,
users of OrbitzTLC Traveler Update can vote on the helpfulness and
relevance of other postings—and be rated themselves. The “Top 100”-rated
users will be rewarded through the new incentive program announced today.
  “With more than 10,000 registered users based on buzz alone, we have a
growing network of helpful travelers submitting updates at major airports
every day,” said Randy Susan Wagner, chief marketing officer, Orbitz
Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: OWW). “OrbitzTLC Traveler Update is the next
innovation in our unique high-tech, human touch approach to making travel
more enjoyable, and we hope users continue to embrace the opportunity to
benefit and help each other.”
  Combining reports of everyday travelers with the latest data from
sources such as the FAA and TSA creates a unique information resource
featuring a variety of travel tips—all in one place. Updates and
information includes: