Aer Araan supports APD removal

Aer Arann is reaffirming their support of the elimination of the current flat-rate Air Passenger Duty tax (APD) and the Government’s decision to set this in motion.  Aer Arann now demands clarity from the Government in preparation for the introduction of the new aviation tax in November 2009.
Colin Lewis, Head of Sales and Marketing at Aer Arann said:
“It is encouraging to see the Government recognising the need for the more efficient use of planes in consideration of our environment.  It is not enough, however, to simply move the tax from individual passengers to individual planes as there are important factors which must not be ignored. Most prominently, the fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions for each plane, and the distance flown as these have a direct influence on the environment.

It is also important for there to be transparency regarding this tax.  We want to see evidence that this tax will be used to the benefit of our environment.  The financial onus of aviation tax will shift from consumers and ought to incentivise airlines.  All airlines should seriously consider the advantage of investing in fuel efficient aircraft alternatives such as the turbo props Aer Arann continue to use.”

One of the core issues of the APD tax was that passengers were being taxed regardless of where they flew to or who they flew with.  In order for this change to be a progressive move, it is imperative that the same mistake is not made in the future.  Airlines such as Aer Arann that are making a concerted effort to pursue a more environmentally friendly approach should not be ignored for their efforts.