Thomsonfly in language drive

Thomsonfly is taking on board a language-learning programme developed by ‘earworms learning’ that promises to have travellers to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Greece and other destinations speaking the lingo in next to no time. This unique method is simple, convenient, fun and highly effective and doesn’t involve learning as we know it.

Thomsonfly researched the educational market for a language learning product that was both a proven success and one that met customer needs - and hit the jackpot with earworms (mbt) The ‘Musical Brain Trainer’ - a new travel partner and a company set to revolutionise the way languages are learned.

And how does this method work? A fresh approach to learning and a scientifically proven phenomenon using the same brain function that causes us to repeat catchy tunes (‘earworms’) all day. Mimicking the way children learn just by listening, the words and phrases are repeated gently to groovy music. The music acts as a carrier, anchoring the sounds of the words into long-term memory with minimal concentration. The powerful effect music can have on memory has been used by advertisers for years in the form of annoyingly memorable jingles and sound bites. The educational potential of this concept however, has remained largely untapped.

Guy Stephenson, commercial director of Thomsonfly, said, “Communication is key to having an enjoyable and safe travel experience - learning some of the local language before travelling means you can get the most out of your trip but also get a greater understanding of the culture by being able to converse with local people. The earworms system makes it easy, enjoyable and fun to learn.”

Earworms Learning have already caused a small sensation in the media by reaching No.1 in the USA iTunes audio book charts. With the launch of this new partnership, they can now offer this unique, musical language course directly to holidaymakers while booking their flights - either online or by phone and at a fantastic reduced price through - Thomson are also providing these courses on in-flight entertainment programmes on selected flights.


The audio CD or MP3 download can be listened to anywhere and everywhere - while stuck in traffic, at the gym or even on the plane to your holiday destination! The Rapid Languages series (vol. 1) covers the essentials for a holiday, looking at typical situations: taking a taxi, at the hotel, at the restaurant, requesting, shopping, polite phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with problems and more.

Travelling is an education in itself - and now with easy access to language learning with Thomson Holidays, your holiday or business trip will be transformed into a more cultural, enjoyable and fulfilling experience.