Travelsupermarket applauds passenger duty

In response to the announcement that aviation duty will be paid per flight, rather than per passenger, Bob Atkinson, travel expert at, has applauded the proposal.He commented: “We applaud the Government for introducing a proposed reform of Air Passenger Duty (APD).” The charge was originally introduced under the Conservatives to raise additional funds and had no relation to green issues, despite many reinterpreting APD as a green tax in recent times.

“We believe APD in its current form has no impact on deterring flying, it has merely increased the basic price of a flight.

“In advance of the introduction of the new duty, we would expect a full, thorough consultation that truly reflects the environmental impact caused by an aircraft and its journey. We would also call for complete transparency as to how this revised APD will be passed on to passengers by the airlines. After all, this will be an increased cost to airlines, which they will need to recoup in their fares and taxes from the consumer.”