Hotels offered proactive green programs

Hoteliers trying to meet consumer demand for greener operations
while keeping costs down can benefit from Sustainable Travel International’s two
newest programs: TravelGreen and the Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification Program
(STEP).TravelGreen allows hoteliers to support climate-friendly travel through the sale of
small amounts of clean renewable energy. Participating hotels sell TravelGreen
Mini-Green Tags to guests for $1. The Mini-Green Tag is equal to offsetting 33.6
pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, represents 24 kilowatt hours of electricity
supplied by new wind and solar power, and equates to 100 percent of the energy
consumption of one night in an average hotel.

This service provides hoteliers with a turnkey solution for proactively addressing
global climate change with no upfront costs. STI provides each participating
facility with TravelGreen Mini-Green Tags and related marketing materials.

For hoteliers ready to make comprehensive changes to the way they operate, STI also
offers a global eco-certification program, in partnership with NSF International.
Applicable to tourism businesses of all sizes, STEP is designed to help hoteliers
around the world support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage
while promoting cross-cultural understanding and economic development.  The program
is educational in nature and practical as a measurement, management and marketing
tool. Hoteliers who participate in STEP will save money through energy efficiency
and waste management while expanding their marketing reach. Application fees start
as low as $200.

“These two programs really work hand-in-hand to allow hoteliers to examine their
practices and make confident strides toward improving sustainability at their
properties,” said Brian Mullis, STI president. “At the same time, the TravelGreen
program empowers hotel guests to make their own commitments to the environment.”