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European Rail is seeing a huge increase in the
number of SME’s and business people discovering for the first time the many benefits of letting the train take the strain.With air travel today becoming more problematic and ever less popular, many SME’s are discovering the real advantages that today’s high-speed European rail network has to offer the business traveller.

Up until recently the majority of business travellers with meetings to attend in more than one European location would have chosen to fly from one city to the next.

Rail travel within Europe is not only fast, efficient, and comfortable but is very economical too. Most importantly you’ll arrive into your destination refreshed and just minutes
from your hotel or meeting place. European Rail now offers
highly competitive 1st class rail travel with seat reservations on all major routes in Europe. Example one way prices include Paris to Milan for £89, Paris to Cologne for £121, and Paris to Brussels for £90.50. It is clear at a glance that these 1st class rail fares are just a fraction of
the sky-high pricing of business air travel.

Apart from the substantial cost savings as compared with flying, rail travel also scores favourably in many other key areas. Delays or cancellations are virtually unheard of and journeys are always city-centre to city-centre, thus eliminating the time and cost of airport transfers. In addition, rail travel conveniently does away with the long queuing times typical of check-in and baggage collection, and
as your luggage always stays with you avoids the nuisance of
it ever being ‘lost in transit’.

As boarding a train is a much swifter affair than we
experience with aircraft, travellers do not need to arrive at
the station too much before their departure time. Once aboard
and seated in your first class carriage you have your own
space to work or relax, and on certain routes meeting areasare also available. Sockets for charging are provided, and
with no restriction on the use of laptops or mobile phones
business people are able to use their travel time to maximum


Whilst air travel continues to be more stressful than ever,
and concern for its environmental impact grows, more and more
business travellers are turning to rail travel as the
convenient, economical and cleaner way