KioskCom makes UK debut

KioskCom Europe 2007 is set to take place on the 7th and 8th of November at London’s Olympia, bringing together the world’s premier showcase of Kiosk and Self-Service professionals.The event will include industry icons, trusted brands and new innovations, brought together to provide visitors with a comprehensive briefing on all of the issues in the industry and illustrate how Interactive Self-Service can be leveraged correctly to deliver excellent, relevant customer experience.

As interest in self-service technologies continues to increase, its impact on improving customer service, increasing through-put, driving up revenue and driving down costs is undoubtedly becoming more apparent. However, as organisations look to leverage internet-driven consumer familiarity with PCs, keyboards, touch screens and CHIP and PIN, it is critical that the focus remains on delivering an excellent and relevant customer experience.

Running alongside the exhibition, the KioskCom seminar programme will feature speakers from major retail and travel organisations demonstrating how their companies have made the most of self-service. Additionally, for businesses wishing to follow in their footsteps, technology experts and independent analysts will offer their insights into the issues they may face.

The KioskCom event draws upon an 11 year history in the U.S. Philip Hunter, Event Director of KioskCom Europe, comments on why the self-service industry continues to grow, “Self-service in Europe is growing at a phenomenal rate and there are few sectors that have not considered self-service technology of some sort. And, as the potential of self-service to revolutionise organisations’ revenues, reduce costs and vastly improve the customer experience continues to be realised, this growth seems set to continue.”