SITA rolls out XM-messaging for ATI

SITA is rolling out a new XML-based messaging service for the air transport industry (ATI) with the potential to transform business-to-business communications. Messier-Dowty Ltd, the world leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of landing gear systems, in service on more than 19,500 aircraft, is the first customer to adopt the new SITA solution.

Messier-Dowty collaborates with many partners in delivering solutions to more than 2,000 aircraft operators, and is looking to reduce cost of doing business. To do so they need to convert their existing order and delivery mechanism from a manual to an automated process, maximising the use of electronic processing and communications. An internal systems review made it clear that leveraging Extensible Markup Language (XML) was the best way to achieve a high level of data standardisation.

Andy Crowther, e-Services Manager, Messier-Dowty, said: “Reducing the cost of doing business has become a key business imperative. SITA’s Type X Messaging Service opens the door to data standardisation across our supply chain, and will enable us to better communicate with partners and customers. Working with SITA was an easy choice as it is the leader in Operational Messaging within our industry and it is at the forefront of standards development.”

RenĂ© Azoulai, Senior Vice President, Communications Services, SITA, said: “We are committed to continuing to drive down total messaging costs while assuring total interoperability between all industry players, networks and technologies. We look forward to working closely with Messier-Dowty - and the rest of the industry - in driving the adoption of XML technologies.”