DFW wins US safety award

International Airport has been honored with the 2007 Airport Safety Award
given by the Flight Safety Foundation, for leadership and achievements
benefiting aviation safety, both at the Airport and in the wider aviation
community. The award, given in Seoul, Korea during the Flight Safety
Foundation’s 60th annual International Air Safety Seminar, honored DFW for
adopting a leadership role in developing innovative safety initiatives,
specifically perimeter taxiways, area navigation and a surface movement
guidance system.
  “We are extremely honored to be recognized internationally for our
safety achievements because safety is engrained in our culture and in
everything we do,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW International Airport. “We
are very proud of our safety record and the innovative programs we have put
in place that are modeled around the world. Every airport works extremely
hard to maintain a safe environment and we are proud to represent the
global aviation community in this manner.”
  In partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(NASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DFW has developed and
implemented area navigation procedures for improving in-flight safety. The
Area Navigation (RNAV) program is a global satellite navigation system that
guides pilots along more direct departure routes, increasing efficiency and
reducing communication congestion.
  DFW also partnered with NASA to develop its perimeter taxiway system,
which allows arriving aircraft to taxi to the terminals without crossing
active runways, lessening the workload for air traffic controllers while
reducing potential runway incursions. DFW’s implementation has been adopted
as a national standard.
  And DFW has upgraded airport surface detection equipment that provides
radar surveillance of aircraft and airport service vehicles, helping
controllers prevent runway incursions and determine the spacing between
aircraft for improved airfield safety.
  “We’re grateful to our federal partners in allowing us to help develop
initiatives that serve to create an overall atmosphere of safety
awareness,” said Jim Crites, executive vice president of operations at DFW.
“We want to be at the forefront of developing these technologies because
it’s conceivable that every flying passenger in the world will eventually
benefit from these efforts.”
  DFW staff members have worked diligently with regulatory and industry
groups to generate support for promising safety-related research and
development projects.
  “Our staff does an incredible amount of work to make these projects
come to life,” said Allen Parra, vice president for operations at DFW. “The
commitment made by our employees to all kinds of safety enhancements really
does make DFW a world leader in aviation safety, and our employees are to
be commended for that.”
  More than 1,140 individuals and organizations in 142 countries are
members of the Flight Safety Foundation, which is dedicated to improving
aviation safety through research, auditing, education, advocacy and