Czech completes safety audit

Czech Airlines has successfully undergone the safety audit of the International Air Transport Association. The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) assesses an airline’s safety and quality of operations.  Airlines involved in the programme must demonstrate compliance with strict international operational safety and quality standards.  Czech Airlines is the only carrier in the Czech Republic which is registered according to IOSA standards.

Czech Airlines has complied with all of the required standards. The audit of Czech Airlines’ compliance with the IOSA requirements took place in early June. It was carried out by six auditors from the ARG/US PROS Accredited Audit Organisation, who verified over 900 standards in the flight, ground and technical operations areas, including a check of requirements regarding the carriage of goods, human resource management and quality and safety systems.  All IOSA-registered airlines are required to be re-audited every two years.  Just as in 2005, Czech Airlines successfully completed the audit.

The main objective of the IOSA programme is to promote operational safety improvement by globally harmonising the evaluation of airlines’ operations management and control systems.  This harmonised system is designed to deliver consistent levels of safety and quality in airline operations and provides comparable information about their functioning.

In addition to promoting safety improvement, participation in the IOSA programme brings a reduction in costs, both for Czech Airlines and for the carriers cooperating with it, such as when operating code-shared flights (flights operated jointly by both airlines), as well as for other business partners (e.g. tour operators).