Ellis bags hotelier award

The General Manager of the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal in Budapest, Mr Adrian Ellis has been honoured with an award as one of the “World’s Finest Hoteliers” by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.Each year the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences selects outstanding individuals for their unsurpassed commitment to the hospitality and tourism industry. These dedicated hoteliers who work tirelessly day in and day out to make an International Star property a daily reality. Little is ever seen or heard of these hardworking individuals. The Academy wishes to acknowledge these “crown jewels” of the hospitality industry—“We honour and praise them for their creative and disciplined foresight. Without them, the world of international travel would not be what it is today”- says Vittorio G. Gai President of AAHS.

Adrian Ellis joined the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal 2 years ago and already has achieved significant success, not only in terms of improving business results and market position but also in improving the quality and variety of services. Adrian successfully launched the exclusive Royal Spa and the Royal Residences in 2006 and the hotel continues to enjoy                                                   unprecedented success culminating in the 5 Star Diamond Award in 2007. Previously Adrian worked in many luxurious hotel chains in different parts of the world such as UK, Singapore and Warsaw.
His commitment towards the hotel industry is also part of the family heritage, as his Grandparents used to own Hotels and restaurants in the UK. Mr Ellis graduated from the Oxford Brookes University and graduated with MBA in Hospitality.

“I am committed to continuously improving hospitality standards, customer loyalty and creating new ideas in the luxury service sector, so getting this award is a great honour and I am very proud to be professionally recognised for these achievements. I would like to thank my team at the hotel who have worked tirelessly in the interest of providing outstanding hospitality and it is to these people that most deserve the highest recognition” - said Adrian Ellis.