US Airways slims schedule

US Airways is planing to
reduce mainline flying in January from 31 to 22 daily flights, focusing on
customers’ preferred destinations, as the airline continues to maximize the
financial stability of its Pittsburgh operation.As part of the new schedule,
regional flying to smaller cities is expected to be reduced from 77 to 46 daily
flights. Most of the expected reductions for smaller cities reflect decisions that
we expect to be made by independent regional carriers that develop their own plans
and schedules. These carriers have not finalized their schedules so the overall
level of Express flying may change.

With the reduced schedule, the airline’s flight crew base will close and
approximately 500 pilots and flight attendants will now bid for trips that originate
from other domiciles within the US Airways system. Also with the new schedule, US
Airways mainline airport agents and ramp employees will take over customer service
and ground-handling duties for 350 US Airways Express employees at wholly owned
carrier PSA Airlines, Inc. Those Express employees, along with about 100 US Airways
mainline airport employees, will be offered jobs elsewhere throughout the US Airways

“We’ve worked very carefully over the past two years to make the right decisions at
Pittsburgh for our customers and the airline as a whole, always mindful of the
impact those decisions may have on our employees”,  said Doug Parker, US Airways chairman and CEO. “Unfortunately our ability to operate profitably from Pittsburgh
has been sharply eroded over the past few years and the hub lost more than $40
million over the past 12 months alone. We need to acknowledge the economic realities
of today and move forward so that our Pittsburgh service provides a positive
contribution to our system as a whole. Even after these flight reductions, US
Airways will still fly more flights to more cities from Pittsburgh than any other