After incident Maldives says business as usual

The Maldivian Deputy Minister for Tourism Mr Zakariyya has said that UK tour operators were reporting that it is business as usual following an incident in Male, the nation’s capital over the weekend.  There has been no noticeable holiday cancellations in the wake of the small home made device that went off in the Sultan Park compound on 29th September 2007 injuring 2 British nationals and 10 other foreign nationals. 

‘Given the Maldives’ unique geographical layout of one resort per island it is highly unlikely that tourism to the country will suffer.  As of today, the capital remains calm and in all resorts the pace of life continues to remain tranquil. 

This is the first incident of its kind in the history of the Maldives and we see this as an isolated incident.  The Maldives government is assisting with the medical evacuation costs of Mr and Mrs Donelan, the two injured Britons who will be returning to Manchester for their medical care tomorrow.


On behalf of the Maldivean government and the Tourism Promotion Board, I would like to thank the UK travel industry for its consistent support in sending the tens of thousands of British holiday makers to our beautiful country every year