Sharaf unveils Honeymoon site

Sharaf Travel has announced “The Honeymoon Collection” a new online bridal registry service specifically linked to honeymoons.  The site will go live on 1 November, 2007.

An increasing number of people are marrying later in life and in some cases spend time living with their partner prior to tying the knot.  As such their homes are often well established and the last things they need as a gift on their special day are pots and pans or glassware. 

The Honeymoon Collection provides bridal couples with the opportunity to select the honeymoon of their dreams and then through the expert assistance of the Sharaf Travel team, have it broken down into smaller components, enabling guests to contribute to the cost of specific experiences instead of a traditional gift. 

“Personalisation is key.  Being able to select a very special experience that you gift to someone is the important part of the entire concept.” said Sharon Garrett, spokeswoman for Sharaf Travel. 

Sharaf Travel has a dedicated Honeymoon Specialist who is available for personal consultation with couples to discuss their honeymoon dreams, assist with destination choice and provide valuable insights into getting the most from the registry.


The Honeymoon Collection offers escapes to a variety of destinations from island escapes and big cities, to African safaris and cruises. 

The types of experiences that bridal couples could put on their honeymoon registry include his and hers massage, scuba diving experiences, sundowners, city tours, a special theme dinner, spending money, and more.  Even the airfares can be broken down into packages of say 500 miles.  Seat upgrades, accommodation upgrades and even limousine transfers can all be included.

“The concept works from the perspective of the bridal couple as well as the guests.  Imagine if you have invited friends and family from abroad and they cannot make it to the wedding but still want to send you a gift to acknowledge your special day - their choice is limited due to courier charges and fragility.  The Honeymoon Collection offers solutions for these guests to participate in the big day since it is an online service.” said Sharon Garrett.

Family members who may be cautious about using credit cards online, can take comfort in knowing that communication by fax and phone is still available.

The Honeymoon Collection offers the bride and groom a one page website where they can post details of the wedding, a photo of themselves or the honeymoon destination and also where guests can view their registry list, following a simple surname search of either the bride or groom.  The site is updated in real time and the bridal couple can simply log-on to see what has already been purchased for them. 

Complimentary “registry cards” especially designed to be included with the wedding invitation are provided free of charge to inform guests about the registry.  The Honeymoon Collection also offers an email template for bridal couples to send to their friends.

The thank you list is something that is crucial following the wedding and honeymoon and The Honeymoon Collection can assist, through the provision of a list of contributors and an online thank you postcard. 

The Honeymoon Collection bridal registry is free of charge, however a 10% service charge is deducted from the total value of the Honeymoon (including guest contributions / spending money).  In addition, there is a refundable AED500 set-up charge, which is returned or put towards the dream honeymoon trip on ticket confirmation.