MCP deploys mobile connectivity

Norwegian passenger and cruise ship cellular communications company MCP has deployed the LGC InterReach Unison in-building cellular system on more than 20 passenger ships.  LGC’s solutions ensure that passengers on the northern European ferry services and cruise ships that have this equipment installed can enjoy full access to mobile phone services, even whilst hundreds of miles away from land.

MCP is using LGC Wireless’ InterReach Unison and InterReach Unison Accel® solutions because they offer the flexibility needed for high density installations, such as ships, and are robust enough to be used in an ocean going environment.

Svein Haglund, Technical Project Manager at MCP, said:  “We have more than 20 ships fitted with the LGC Wireless systems and are delighted with the results.  Using LGC Wireless has enabled us to expand the range of services our customers can offer their passengers and we are able to control much of the maintenance and management from our onshore control facility, reducing overheads and improving efficiencies.”

When they were looking for a cellular wireless solution for their ships, MCP evaluated a number of in-building cellular solutions from several vendors. They chose LGC Unison because of its stability, ease of maintenance, and suitability for high density use. It was also the most cost effective.  “LGC Wireless proved to be right choice,” continued Haglund.  “The support and training they gave us was also excellent. Now we can maintain the systems ourselves and fully understand the full potential and range of applications.”

Amongst the features that MCP can offer its shipping customers is the ability to close off wireless access on certain parts of the ship at certain times, for example, at dinners and entertainment evenings.  The LGC Wireless solutions also automatically alert MCP’s control centre if there has been a unit or system failure so this can be patched remotely and the fault is temporarily rectified until maintenance staff can fix the problem when the ship reaches port.


“We also plan to expand our use of LGC Wireless to include dual-band wireless services on transatlantic cruise ships.  This will help expand our services and offer greater value to all our customers and further enhance our position in the market,” concluded Haglund.

John Spindler, Vice President of Marketing at LGC Wireless, said; “Our Unison system is designed to offer highly efficient and manageable in-building cellular wireless access.  Our solutions are ideally suited for environments such as passenger ships, hotels and other travel markets where large numbers of people can be in remote or difficult to reach locations and conventional access to cellular networks can be challenging.  We look forward to working with MCP as they expand their use of our solutions and help passengers accessing these services to improve the quality of their travel experience.”