Jamaica sees Irish visitors double

The latest tourism statistics show Irish visitors to Jamaica doubled
between January and May this year compared to the same period last year.From January to May 2006, 916 Irish visitors made the trip to Jamaica
while this year 1,853 Irish visitors went to Jamaica.

The Jamaica Tourist Board’s Regional Director, UK/ N. Europe, Elizabeth
Fox said:


‘The relationship between Jamaica and Ireland has never been better.
The success of the Ireland team at the Cricket World Cup in Jamaica on
St Patrick’s Day, and the recent Windies tour to Ireland have kept
Jamaica top of mind on the Emerald Isle.  There are many Irish
connections in Jamaica. Irish Town in the Blue Mountains is where a
community of Irish immigrants lived in the nineteenth century making the
wooden barrels for the coffee beans, and the Jamaican beer Red Stripe is
owned by Guinness who base their Caribbean operation in Jamaica.’



She goes on to say:

‘We very much value the Irish market and this summer organised a
dedicated week long trade mission to Ireland.  JTB representatives
partnered with Half Moon, SuperClubs and Sandals to visit 28 travel
agents in Cork, Middleton and Dublin.  There’s a real affinity between
the two islands and we believe this will go from strength to strength.’


Visitors from the UK were also on the increase compared with the same
period last year.  Between January and May 2006, 64,893 Brits visited
Jamaica compared with 74,008 this year, representing a 14 per cent