China Southern wins responsibility award

China Southern Airlines has been honored
with an ‘Outstanding Contribution to Society’ award at the forum for ‘Social Responsibility and Harmonious Society 2007’,
the only Civil Aviation enterprise to win this title.
The forum was organized by Xinhua News Agency and supported by a number of national
leading media organizations including People’s Daily, CCTV and China National

Mr. Liu Shaoyong, Chairman of China Southern Airlines accepted the award and made a
speech at the forum.


As the largest airline in the People’s Republic of China, China Southern puts
a premium on flight safety, and a strong sense of social responsibility of an
airline company. Now the company has 316 modern Airbus and Boeing jet aircraft and
operates more than 1,400 flights per day.



China Southern has worked diligently to ensure safe flight operations and recently
earned the Four-Star Flight Safety Award from CAAC, the most prestigious award in
the Chinese aviation industry.


In 2005, China Southern established the Ten-fen Caring Foundation raising RMB20
million yuan to date through 0.1yuan donations from every ticket sold. About 5
million yuan from the fund has been used to help impoverished students every year
since the fund was created.


During the past two years since the foundation’s formation, nearly 3,000
students from more than 10 universities around China will complete their courses
thanks to donations made by China Southern.


In 2006, after Typhoon Bilis brought disaster to Guangdong Province, China Southern
Airlines organized a collection of donations among all employees raising more than
RMB12 million yuan. In 2004 and 2006, China Southern successively launched its
‘Sunny Youth’ program to honor exceptional young people, sponsoring
communication activities between Chinese and Korean children. China Southern also
helped the local governments in Moyu and Pishan County in Xinjiang to build a
kindergarten and elementary school.


Moreover, China Southern undertook various urgent rescue missions.


In 2000 and 2006, the airline dispatched the best airplanes and aircrew to airlift
Chinese nationals to safety from the then turbulent Solomon Islands. In 2006, China
Southern Zhuhai Helicopter Company, together with the Chinese Transportation
Ministry, accomplished 66 salvages and saved 98 lives. Since 2003, China Southern
has on numerous occasions, transported Chinese Peacekeeping Troops to various
destinations, making its own contribution to keeping the peace in the world.