SilverJet facing multimillion dollar lawsuit

SilverJet is being sued for damages in a multimillion
dollar lawsuit. in the US.The case was filed by C First Class Corp. a US holding company, in the United
States Federal District Court of the Southern District of New York. Multiple counts against
SilverJet include tortious interference and unjust enrichment claims.
According to the complaint, C First Class Corp. held an executed contract with air carrier FlyJet
Limited of the UK for the use of a dedicated 767-200ER aircraft and operation of an international
charter programme. (
In November 2006, SilverJet acquired FlyJet Limited. The purpose for Silverjet’s acquisition,
was to take control of the 767 aircraft contracted to C First Class, crucial if SilverJet was to be
operational in time for the company’s launch date deadline of Jan. 25, 2007 and to satisfy goals
promised to investors and shareholders. SilverJet subsequently appropriated the dedicated 767
aircraft for it’s own purposes including a deposit of $750,000 in direct violation and malicious
disregard of all C First Class rights.
Shortly thereafter, the dedicated C First Class 767 aircraft served as SilverJet’s launch aircraft for
international flights between London, Luton and New York, Newark airports and continues to
provide essential service and profit for SilverJet on those routes.
“SilverJet had agreed to provide alternative 767 ER aircraft , a break up fee of $1million and
additional compensation to mitigate and ameliorate the harm done to C First Class Corp. but has
not honoured their agreement ” said spokesperson Gabrielle Griswold for C First Class . “The
filing of our lawsuit is in direct response to the dismissive and arrogant attitude of SilverJet
leadership, their obvious disregard in honouring commitments.”
Companies listed and traded on the London Stock exchange, in compliance with AIM Rule 26,
must disclose all relevant information that could impact share value. Yet ” SilverJet has not made
any disclosures regarding this matter,” confirmed C First Class.
C First Class Corp. a US company, has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit for damages against
startup, all business class SilverJet Airlines in New York Federal Court. The lawsuit includes
charges of Unjust Enrichment, Tortiuous Interference with a Business Relationship and Tortiuous
Interference with Contract. SilverJet appropriated the use of 767 aircraft, key to the successful
launch and continued operation of their international service, without agreement and in direct
violation of existing rights of C First Class Corp.