Spirit reveals low cost branding

Spirit Airlines has announced its new Ultra Low Cost Carrier brand that celebrates the colors of the Caribbean and Latin America regions.The first plane painted with the new colors debuted at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport this week.

The company’s energetic new colors reinforce Spirit’s four brand principles:

      Caliente Red - Low Fares
      Palm Tree Green - On-time and Reliable
      Sunshine Yellow - Clean New Planes
      Ocean Blue - Friendly Staff
Repainting Spirit Airlines’ fleet also is a strong statement of the carrier’s commitment to low costs because repainting the planes saves the company money. The new paint itself costs less than the current colors, and it weighs significantly less, which means the plane burns less fuel. As fuel prices continue to soar, the savings go up even more.

Spirit Airlines will update its uniforms, airport signage, website, and other branded areas to embody the new look and feel, and most of them should be completed by Fall 2008.