Lufthansa unveils new pilot training concept

For the first time, Lufthansa is to use jets for its own pilot training programme
and has placed an order with the US manufacturer Cessna for four Citation CJ1+
aircraft.The decision to renew the airline’s training fleet paves the way for a new
training concept that will be launched at the Lufthansa Pilot School in Bremen in
January 2008. In future, the programme will be more closely tailored to the specific
flight operation needs of a large scheduled airline with a global network. “Our
trainee pilots will thus have access to optimal training facilities that will enable
them to make a seamless transition to an Airbus or Boeing cockpit,” explained
Captain Jürgen Raps, Executive Vice President Operations, Luft-hansa Passenger

The aircraft are scheduled for delivery between October 2008 and mid-2009. The
twin-engine Cessna Citation CJ1+ has a top speed of 720 kilometres/hour (389 knots)
and a range of 2,402 kilometres (1,297 nautical miles).

In the current year and in 2008, Lufthansa will be looking for up to 360 trainee