Grand Hyatt Mumbai rides on India boom

With the rapid growth of the the South Asian economy, India is becoming a prime destination for international investment and new businesses, presenting enormous opportunity for companies in the region. One such existing business is The Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Hyatt’s flagship property in South Asia which describes itself as a “multi-dimensional lifestyle property”.

Ilan Weill, General Manager, Grand Hyatt Mumbai tells BTN about the impact India’s growth is hving and what measures the Grand Hyatt Mumbai is taking to stay ahead of the game.

BTN:  What are the biggest challenges facing the hotel at the present time?

IW: The lack of infrastructure in the city and services is a concern shared across the industry, we are glad that steps are taken to improve the facilities and services at the airport and around the city.

In a booming market and much competition, another challenge is our ability to identify and attract dynamic and skilled staff for the different areas in the hotel. With future growth in the area, this will be a key priority for the hotel.


BTN: What new opportunities and markets do you see opening up in 2007-2008?

IW: Retail is the sunrise industry in India and will create a huge market. The infrastructure development plan, Open Sky Policy and economic growth will also create a tremendous increase in the demand.

With more foreign investments made in the city, there is a huge potential for foreign delegation and business generated by multinational companies with new business interest in the country.

BTN: What new developments and new packages have you got in the pipeline going forwards?

IW: In addition to the Gold Passport program and several food and beverage and SPA promotions, the package in the pipeline in September-November 2007 is Hyatt Means Business, which can be availed on line. It includes a grand room accommodation, breakfast, unlimited internet access, laundry services, 1000 Gold passport points and also an option for an up-charge to a club room.

BTN: You say that the hotel has one of the finest collections of commissioned art in a public space. In what ways is it special?

IW: The hotel has taken a pioneering step in bringing together Mumbai’s known artists and upcoming talent with crafts people from around the country. The art is conceived as homage to the mythic and contemporary presence of Shiva, who embodies the interplay of the opposites: Tranquillity & Agitation; Love & Wrath and Creation & Destruction.

The art also reflects the mythological and everyday life of the metropolis through a contemporary prism, reinterpreting the sacred and the profane, resonating with the timeless and the ephemeral.

BTN: How well are the residences doing?

IW: With the increase in business activity and arrival of many new multinationals companies into the city, there is a growing increase for service apartments used for mid and long term stay of individuals who either reside in the city or in the process of relocating to it.

BTN: You opened your China House restaurant a few months ago, what has this brought to the hotel? How has this style of cuisine been received by guests?
IW: China House brings a new dimension to the cuisine options in the city, it is a unique and warm space that offers multiple entertainment options through its exterior and interiors spaces, combining excellent Sichuan style cooking, only using products from China and a lively and dynamic lounge and bar that adds a new dimension to the complex.

BTN: What kind of market are you operating in, in Mumbai? What do hotels have to do or offer to stay ahead?

IW: Our market mix includes the Corporate FIT, groups and leisure. With the growth in Indian economy, India is becoming a prime destination for investment and business by most of the Fortune 500 Cos. This serves as a large opportunity for Grand Hyatt Mumbai.

With the high demand in the luxury hotel category, there is obviously a big emphasis on revenue management; this is practiced by hotels across the city.

In such a dynamic market place, our key priority remains offering an excellent and unforgettable experience to our guests and clients, whether in our restaurants, bars, spa, guestrooms or apartments. This needs to be done through consistent and professional service delivery.