Northwest reaches 100 interline deals

Northwest Airlines has become the first airline in the world to
implement its 100th interline electronic ticket agreement.This landmark agreement is part of a global movement by Northwest,
its SkyTeam partners and other members of the International Air
Transport Association (IATA) to eliminate paper tickets by June 2008.

  IET enables a passenger to use a single e-ticket on any airline
with an agreement.

  “By becoming the first airline to implement 100 interline e-ticket
agreements, Northwest Airlines has reached a pivotal point in
improving our customers’ travel experience,” said Al Lenza, vice
president distribution and e-commerce. “But being the first to reach
100 IETs does not mean we will relax. In fact, we expect to implement
four more agreements tomorrow.”

  Northwest currently has e-ticketing available on 99.9 percent of
all air travel within the United States and 99.2 percent of ticketing
with its international partners.

  In 2004, IATA’s airline members resolved to eliminate all paper
tickets. Since then, the amount of e-ticketing has risen to 84% of all
transactions processed by IATA’s billing and settlement system from
the 16% recorded in June 2004. IATA currently processes about 400
million ticket transactions annually.