GOL enters interline deal with VRG

GOL Linhas Aereas
Inteligentes has entered an interline agreement with VRG.Effective September 14, VRG passengers traveling on international
flights with connections at Guarulhos International Airport (Sao Paulo) or
Tom Jobim International Airport (Rio de Janeiro) can now purchase tickets
for all 50 domestic destinations served by GOL.
  “Through this interline agreement, GOL and VRG are now able to offer
the most comprehensive route network of any airline operating within
Brazil. The operating efficiencies between the two companies will offer
passengers a safe and convenient option for domestic and international
transportation,” says Constantino de Oliveira Junior, GOL’s president and
  Passengers will also have the added convenience of having their luggage
checked through to their final destination, eliminating the need to
re-check baggage during connections between the two companies. Fares
charged under this agreement account for all legs of the flight, including
both VRG and GOL’s routes. The agreement is only valid for full-fare
  In addition to the interline agreement with GOL, VRG will also
participate in MITA (Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements), an IATA
network of airlines from around the world. All MITA members have the option
to enter into interline agreements with other member airlines.