New Czech airline enters European market is coming to the European market with an offer of low-price tickets combined with a guaranteed price inclusive of all fees and taxes.  One-way tickets for flights from Prague to 36 European destinations are available for CZK 1,990 inclusive of fees. passengers will fly on Czech Airlines aircraft.

“We are bringing to the market the product that passengers really want.  People who fly once or twice a year want to fly not only inexpensively but, above all, want to get a fair offer and know the conditions of the flight, including the price, right from their initial decision; they want to have the option to simply select from a wide range of destinations under conditions that are clearly given in advance. will offer them all of this,” said Chairman of the Board of Directors of, Jan Ka?e. will give everybody a fair offer.  The price of a one-way ticket to any of the 36 European destinations available will be CZK 1,990 and includes all fees and taxes. “Our price is guaranteed and is the same anywhere in Europe.  For CZK 1,990 you buy a ticket to your target destination and for CZK 1,990 you buy a ticket back.  You do not pay any other taxes or fees on top of that as they are all included in the price.  Our price is final and guaranteed for everyone,” explained Jan Ka?e.  After the ticket is purchased, the date of the flight cannot be changed or any other changes made.