JetQuay eases biz travel

Business travellers who are
used to arriving at Changi airport forty minutes before a flight leaves are
finding that certain airlines are no longer accommodating their tardiness.
As security has tightened, extra time at the airport is necessary. For
business travellers, the extra time typically translates into unproductive

Company guidelines usually stipulate economy class travel for journeys
under say, 5 hours. For a lot of Singaporean business people, this means
travelling to Hong Kong, Indonesia or the Philippines is by economy class.
Without the business class ticket, lounge access is dependant on membership
and miles, and within the terminal, it means queuing and wasting time
getting access to facilities.

For a fraction of the cost of a business class ticket, whether you fly by
budget airline or on a branded carrier, corporate travellers can be
productive at JetQuay’s CIP terminal at Changi International Airport.
Passage through JetQuay can be booked straight on to the passengers
‘Passenger Name Record’ (PNR) through a Travel Agent or Travel
Management Company.

At the CIP terminal, the business traveller has free wireless internet
access, table top computer monitors in the lounge area, personal copiers at
desk stations in the business centre, private meeting rooms and a full
service boardroom for meetings with non-travellers, so that you can hop
straight from the meeting on to the plane.

Perks of using the CIP Terminal include driving up to the terminal, having
a staff member park your car for the unlimited duration of your stay,
returning to find it washed, cleaned and ready to go at the lobby entrance
on your return. For travellers leaving in the middle of the night, or
arriving very early in the morning, use of the nap room is complimentary
and can be booked in advance.


For example, for no additional cost, you can have dinner at the terminal
with a glass of wine, go to bed in the nap room at a decent hour and be
woken by an attendant in when your flight is almost ready for boarding. You
are taken by electric buggy directly to the air-bridge, by passing all
queues and inspection points as you have already cleared security and
immigration when you left the CIP Terminal.

For early arriving passengers, knowing your hotel room isn’t ready is a
drag. Instead, showers, gym and spa facilities are available at JetQuay in
addition to the business facilities. When your hotel room is ready, the
smiling guest relations officers arrange transportation to your hotel.
Getting your client to meet you at the CIP terminal for breakfast instead
of the hotel is no hardship with convenient parking that JetQuay proffers.

“Seeing is Believing”. JetQuay encourages corporate travel or HR
managers to view the terminal by appointment. Call 6513 1031 to book your