More Asian women travelling abroad

Contiki Holidays has found that more women than men are
travelling around the world according to the number of tour bookings made in
the first six months of this year.

Seven out of every ten tour bookings were made by a female traveller, an
increase of 10% when compared to the same period of the previous year.
Travellers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore made up the female
majority, and of that number, close to 60% travelled as individuals.

Japanese and Korean women proved to be the most independent travellers of
the four, embarking on various tours to Australia, Europe, New Zealand and
North America.

Nicholas Lim, Director of Sales (Asia) for Contiki Holidays said: ?This
trend does not surprise us, we have seen this percentage increase constantly
year-on-year as more and more Asians fulfil their desire to see the world.
We believe that the modern Asian woman is more independent, increasingly
adventurous, has more spending power and above all, keen on new

Lim believes that joining a Contiki Tour not only provides women with the
comfort of safety but the flexibility of choosing their preferred itinerary.
The tour package is half guided and half free and easy, allowing travellers
the option of selecting their own blend of activities.


By equipping them with knowledge about the area, travellers can then
personalise their holiday by indulging in their favourite activity during
their free time, be it sipping espressos at a sidewalk café in Rome or
spending hours shopping in a mall. Travellers also appreciate that they get
to enjoy their holidays without having to worry about the logistics of their
travel, such as accommodation and transport.

“The Contiki experience is such that even if you choose to travel alone, you
will meet with like-minded individuals of a similar age group from all over
the world who are equally excited to participate in the wide array of fun
activities on offer while on tour. In addition, we also attribute our appeal
to the fact that all our travellers, both men and women alike, feel safe and
looked after when on tour with us,? he added.

Tours to Europe proved to be the most popular with many travellers opting to
sample different European cities on their first trip to the continent.
However, it was not all about partying and shopping in some of the planet?s
most glamourous cities. An increasing number of female travellers also
participated in more adventurous, ?white knuckle? activities such as
whitewater rafting and skydiving.

“Although shopping in cities like Florence, Paris, and Milan was an
adventure in itself, Contiki had an amazing range of activities that I never
thought I would try, like whitewater rafting in Austria, something I never
thought I would do in a million years! I guess you just feel so comfortable
on a tour where you know everything is well-managed and safe, you become
empowered to try new things,” said Ms Yuki Sin, a consultant, who travelled
on a Contiki tour to Europe in 2006.