Qantas reflects on military past

Qantas and the Australian War Memorial announced a
five-year partnership to showcase Australia’s wartime air history.The Qantas sponsorship will help preserve and display the Memorial’s collection of historic
aircraft which attracts close to one million visitors each year.
Memorial Director Steve Gower said the Memorial’s wartime aircraft collection is among the
best in the world, and will now be known as the Qantas Aircraft Collection.
“We’re delighted that two iconic Australian entities are joining forces to help Australians
remember the sacrifices and incredible courage of those involved in wartime aviation,” he
“The Qantas Aircraft Collection will be a powerful reminder of the spirit of those Australians
who have been involved in air operations from the First World War onwards.”
The Chief Executive Officer of Qantas, Mr Geoff Dixon, said Qantas was proud to sponsor
such an important exhibition.
“The Australian War Memorial holds a special place in the hearts and minds of so many
Australians,” he said.
Mr Dixon said Qantas had been extensively involved with Australia’s war effort from the
earliest days of the airline.
“The founders of our airline, Wilmot Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness, were First World
War Aviators,” he said.
“From World War Two through to recent conflicts, Qantas has played an important role in
this country’s war effort, maintaining vital air links, providing evacuation and supply flights,
rescue missions and aircraft maintenance services.
“With this history, it seems very appropriate for us to support this outstanding and diverse
The Memorial’s highly popular air collection includes 29 complete machines, engines and
combat aircraft. It features “G for George”, one of only two remaining Lancaster Bombers
used in action over Europe during the Second World War, a 1913 monoplane and a Vietnam
War Iroquois helicopter.