Galileo in e-ticketing drive

Galileo has extended its e-ticketing capability to five Chinese carriers, namely China Eastern, Hainan Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Xiamen Airlines. Galileo is the first GDS to implement e-ticketing on the latter two carriers. Ê

Effective immediately, Galileo-connected travel agents in selected Asian countries will be able to offer their customers e-tickets on these carriers. This follows Galileo’s July announcement that China’s leading carrier, Air China, has also become e-ticket ready, demonstrating the continuing trend of Asian airlines to actively work with Galileo to achieve this capability. ÊÊ
Mr. Brad Holman, Galileo’s President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, commented, “We congratulate these distinguished Chinese carriers in joining the increasing number of Asian carriers who are now e-ticket ready and able to offer even more significant cost savings and productivity benefits to our travel agent partners, and their customers.”
With this announcement, Galileo now has 190 airlines offering e-ticketing in over 94 countries. Year to date, the Galileo GDS has generated over 27 million e-tickets accounting for almost three out of every four tickets issued.Ê This has saved over 14 acres of forest per month.Ê Through IATA’s initiative to have 96.5% of carriers become e-ticket ready, it is believed the airline industry can save at least US$ 3 billion per year.
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