BA targets biz travellers

British Airways is rolling out a
multi-platform effort to target business travelers in their Club World
‘Expectations Guaranteed’ campaign, created by and BBH.
  This fall, one of the busiest times for business travel, British
Airways is launching a promotion that guarantees to exceed your business
class expectations and if you disagree, let them know why and British
Airways will upgrade you to First the next time you fly business class.
  The campaign includes a website, online sponsorships, mobile, social
networking, behavioral targeting, re-targeting, RSS and search marketing,
in addition to contextual ads and advertorials.
  One of the key placements will be an ad running on the homepage of
Marke*censored* that will take over the page when interacted with and
associate British Airways with the stocks that have exceeded expectations
for the day. On, British Airways is the first travel brand to
create a virtual brand channel, displaying relevant ads next to articles on
companies that have exceeded expectations; and on, British
Airways messaging will be aligned with companies that have exceeded
  Michael Winter, Media Director at New York said, “The media
plan for this campaign represents the unique power of online - how we are
able to target and truly tie an advertisers essence, in this case how they
exceed expectations, to the context and environment of the ads.”
  He continued, “We completely avoided run of site ad placements and
pushed the boundaries of the concepts to create something much more
powerful - one of the advantages of having in-house media and creative
teams that work hand-in- hand with the planning team to create a unique and
super-targeted campaign.”
  The corresponding print campaign was created by BBH and launched ahead
of the digital activity. worked with the overarching concept
created by BBH and evolved it to address British Airways’ core business
need in an online environment. The campaign runs through the end of
December 2007.