TAM welcomes Airbus fleet additions

TAM has received this week two new A321 Airbuses, delivered
directly from the Airbus factory in Hamburg.These are the first
A321 models to be incorporated by the Company into their operational fleet.
The aircraft have the capacity to transport up to 220 passengers and will
be used by TAM on domestic routes and in South America.

With this purchase, TAM now has 89 Airbus models (15 A319’s, 62 A320’s,
2 A321’s and 10 A330’s), consolidating its position as the European
manufacturer’s biggest customer in Latin America. The A321 is the largest
aircraft of the A320 family (including the A318, A319, A320 and A321) and
offers the best cost per available seat kilometer (CASK) for medium-sized
aircraft. TAM will be the first company in South America to operate flights
with the A321.
  TAM has already received 18 aircraft this year - 15 planes from the
A320 family (including the two A321’s) and three MD-11’s. With the new
A321’s, the Company is increasing its operational fleet to 108 aircraft -
89 Airbus models, 16 F-100’s and 3 MD-11’s. The Company is planning to end
2007 with 111 aircraft, and is anticipating a fleet of 136 aircraft by the
end of 2011.
  The incorporation of the new A321 Airbuses reinforces TAM’s policy of
operating a fleet of low average age, assuring greater comfort for its
passengers. According to a specialized industry publication, TAM has the
youngest fleet of planes in Brazil, with an average age of 7.1 years, while
the industry average is 11.2 years.