TAM unfazed by Brazil runways changes

The changes
announced by Brazil’s Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, concerning
the runway reductions at Congonhas by 300 meters to establish escape areas
will not have much effect on TAM operations at
the airport.Starting this weekend, landings and takeoffs by the Airbus
A319 and A320, which make up the company’s fleet, will be done exclusively
using the main runway.

The A319 Airbus will continue to operate at Congonhas without
restrictions under dry runway conditions, and with minimal restrictions for
takeoff from wet runways.
  TAM has 15 planes of this type, seven of them for the Sao Paulo—Rio
de Janeiro shuttle service.
  The Airbus A320 will also continue to land and take off as usual, using
the main runway when it is dry. When the runway is wet, there will be
slight weight limitations for landing and takeoff. TAM has 62 A320 aircraft
in its fleet.
  According to preliminary estimates, only 2% of TAM flights at Congonhas
could be affected by the new runway configuration. As far as the number of
flights is concerned to and from this airport there will be no immediate