Air France KLM tops sustainability lists

For the third consecutive year, Air France KLM has been included in the list of firms in the two
Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes; DJSI World, on a worldwide scale and DJSI STOXX, on a European scale. AIR FRANCE KLM is the only airline group to be included simultaneously
in both indexes.

“We are very proud of this top position, which recognizes our
commitments to both guarantee our economic performance and our social
and environmental responsibilities. But first and foremost, this special
honour means we must pursue our actions within the framework of a
realistic, determined and responsible strategy” commented Jean-Cyril
Spinetta, Group Chairman and CEO.

AIR FRANCE KLM will continue to implement its various action plans,
notably with regard to reducing the impact of air transport on climate
change: support of the Kyoto Protocol and inclusion of air transport in
the European emissions trading scheme, the Group’s continued fleet
modernization program, introduction of a CO2 emission calculator on the
airlines’ websites and ultimately, the possibility for customers to
offset CO2 emissions generated by flights and support of NGO
environmental protection programs.

“I am very happy that our Group has maintained and improved its top
position in its sector”, stated Peter Hartman, President and Chief
Executive Officer of KLM. “AIR FRANCE KLM has been listed number 1
airline in the World Index. This clearly demonstrates the pioneer
position we have in the aviation industry and emphasizes that we are on
the right track with our initiatives.”

The DJSI World groups the 10% of leading performers in terms of
sustainable development, among 2,500 companies in 22 countries
worldwide. Both indexes select firms with the best performance in this
field, based on an audit carried out by the Swiss Group SAM (Sustainable
Asset Management Indexes GmbH).