European youth seek travel opportunities

Over one in two (56%) young people
across Europe are more likely to apply for a job if it offered the
opportunity to work abroad, according to a new piece of research into
what motivates 16-25 year olds looking for work. The research, commissioned by McDonald’s Europe, polled young people
across seven European countries about their attitudes to work and
travel. The findings, which are released to mark the first anniversary
of McDonald’s ‘McPassport’ scheme for 225,000 restaurant employees in
Europe, also identified the top three motivators for jobseekers looking
to work abroad:

- Discover a new culture and meet new people (26%)

- Challenge themselves with new experiences (21%)

- Learn a different language/improving language skills (17%)

The survey by pollsters Populus of over 800 16-25 year olds in the UK,
Sweden, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany and France showed that Italian
(62%) and Polish (72%) people came out top for wanting to travel, while
Spaniards (44%) were the most inclined to stay at home.


Last year, McDonald’s Europe launched the most significant private
sector initiative to promote European employee mobility with its
‘McPassport’. The scheme was launched at a press conference in Brussels,
with the European Commissioner for Social Affairs Vladimir Spidla.

The McPassport is a certification of the skills and experiences crew
build up during their time at McDonald’s. The document includes staff
work history and is recognised by any participating McDonald’s
restaurant in the European Union.

Cecile Staner, VP, Chief HR Officer at McDonald’s Europe explains:

“McPassport has become an integral part of McDonald’s commitment to
being a good employer. The scheme reaches beyond the basics - it caters
perfectly for our workforce, many of which are young adults, and, as the
survey shows, are keen to broaden their horizons through travel.

Jospeh De Mauroy is a 21 year-old Parisian taking advantage of his
McPassport in London this summer:

“I originally joined McDonald’s because it seemed like a flexible job I
could maintain during university. I have had a great experience so far,
the team at the restaurant have looked after me and I have made some
great friends here.”