Sabre taps into mobile devices

Sabre Travel Network is launching Sabre Virtually There mobile
services, which brings features found on Virtually There to a leisure or
business traveler’s cell phone or other Web-enabled mobile device. These
new mobile-services features are the latest enhancements to Sabre’s
end-to-end solutions for leisure and corporate agents.

“With the Virtually There tools accessible via mobile devices, travel
agents are able to make their customers’ trips as stress-free as
possible,” said Greg Webb, chief marketing officer, Sabre Travel Network
and Sabre Airline Solutions. “These latest technology enhancements make
it even easier for agents to keep travelers up to date and in touch with
the latest travel information - helping to build customer loyalty.”

In addition to these features, Virtually There on mobile devices will
retain the co-branded information established by individual agencies,
with their personalized logo and contact information appearing on the
mobile screen. With Virtually There now accessible via mobile devices at   , agents can respond to
their clients needs in an even timelier manner, adding even greater
value to the quality services they already provide for travelers,
resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased
differentiation from competitors.

“We’re resolved to consistently be the market leader in mobile service
offerings for leisure and business travel agents and travelers alike,”
said Webb. “This is only the tip of the iceberg for Sabre Travel
Network’s mobile offerings in the coming months.”