Oman Air redesigns website

Oman Air has upgraded its website design to cater to
the growth of travelers comfortable using the Internet.

The web sites of airlines are ever more becoming their most important
marketing opportunity, in some cases accounting for more than half of
ticket sales.

Airlines are discovering that by redesigning their Websites, they can
cut costs, shore up the loyalty of business travelers, and even lure
customers away from other travel sites. Airlines have come upon another
way to cut costs and actually improve one area of service.

Mr. Habib Bin Bhacker Habib, Head of Information and Computing in Oman
Air said, ‘As customer demand for on-line services increased in today’s
fast changing world, nothing can remain static. In view of this, Oman
Air has changed, and is gearing towards its ‘Expect More’ Campaign.
Corporate website is no exception. The new home page and overall design
has been upgraded to offer better services, information and convenience
online booking.’

He explained that the Home Page now relocates essential elements to
right places for easy access. Customers can now check booking status
right from home page without a need to search for this facility, adding
that shortcuts feature direct access to frequently used services from
home page. Now he said Sindbad Frequent Flyers could log on directly on
home page to check the Sindbad FFP status and Sindbad Miles.
Furthermore, Flight Schedules system has been overhauled and is directly
integrated with daily updated industry standard SSIM file format. Users
can easily save their daily, weekly, or seasonal schedules in PDF for
later reference.


The Site has been perfectly launched to gear towards the new
destinations. Coming soon more updated information will be added on
Sindbad, Holidays, Information & Services for the new destinations,
moreover desktop schedules for offline schedule tracking.

‘Oman Air Website intends at making business travelers’ online
experience easier, also provides our customers with a valuable service.
Many of the airlines’ Web site initiatives are aimed at increasing, or
regaining, business travelers’ loyalty. Functionality, scheduling
convenience, ease of use on the road anywhere in the world, these are
all goals that will possibly increase revenue. The sites give airlines
the ability to promote special fares and other offers,’ the Head of
Information and Computing in Oman Air further added.

Corporate Communication and Media Department in Oman Air said that
without a good Web site, Airlines have no chance of economically
surviving. As international travel grows, airlines have also simplified
the process of booking complicated schedules to just a few clicks -
including travel with two airlines that are code-sharing partners. Oman
Air which has recently launched its web ticket sales, sells nearly 10
percent of its tickets through its Web site. Our customers noted wanting
two things: ease and speed. “Our customers told us they wanted it easier
to be able to check in for a flight and book a flight online. Business
travelers in general are people who are self-motivated, and they know
what they want and where they want to go. The way is to improve the
level of empowerment available to them online.’ In conclusion, they