Pegasus signs on StarCite

Pegasus Solutions has signed an agreement to provide its UltraDirect distribution technology to

With this agreement, Pegasus will provide StarCite with electronic connectivity to
hotel reservation systems, directly linking the company to Pegasus’ portfolio of
more than 78,000 hotel properties. Through the use of this single interface,
StarCite can take advantage of real-time access to information on rates,
availability and reservations from hotels worldwide.  The deal is an important step
for Pegasus in breaking through to non-traditional Alternative Distribution System
(ADS) distribution channels, according to Mike Kistner, Pegasus chief operating
officer and president, reservation and distribution services.

“This agreement with StarCite is extremely significant for Pegasus,” said Kistner.
“Expanding into the meetings space is a key component of our overall strategy to
open new distribution channels. The meetings market continues to grow and represents
a great opportunity for both hotels and travel distributors as an emerging frontier
for online bookings. By aligning with the industry leader, we will provide our hotel
customers the opportunity to work with the best in breed in the meetings space using
connectivity they already utilize today.”

UltraDirect will give StarCite instant access to Central Reservation System (CRS)
information.  In addition, it will provide an automated solution allowing StarCite
and its customers to book online and in real-time for hundreds of thousands of small
meetings. According to Michael Boult, StarCite president and chief executive
officer, the complexities associated with group business have caused the meetings
industry to struggle to provide buyers and suppliers with frictionless booking
capability, and the automation provided by Pegasus will alleviate this strain.

“StarCite has a proven track record of innovation in the meetings industry, and we
have an ongoing customer commitment to provide new and powerful solutions that
create greater visibility, savings and control,” said Boult. “After careful
consideration and due process, we were delighted to select Pegasus and its
UltraDirect technology as a way to drive significant new value for our corporate
clients and supply side partners. Our relationship with Pegasus will enable StarCite
to provide new transactional capability to our clients and the industry that
complement our well established and highly successful RFP process.”