ANA, Shanghai Air, Air China in codeshare pact

ANA will commence a code-sharing agreement with Shanghai Airlines and Air China on flights operated by ANA and Shanghai Airlines between Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport, from September 29 this year.Until now, Haneda and Hongqiao have almost exclusively served their respective domestic markets.

However, in a move to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the normalisation of diplomatic ties between China and Japan, they will be opened for international flights on the very date of the said anniversary.

Both Haneda and Hongqiao airports are close to, and can be accessed speedily and easily from, their respective city centres, making journeys between Tokyo and Shanghai shorter and more convenient. Furthermore, as the flights will carry the respective flight codes of each airline - NH for ANA, FM for Shanghai Airlines and CA for Air China - customers will be given a greater choice of flights for the airline they wish to fly. As all three airlines enjoy reciprocal mileage benefits, customers may accrue and redeem mileage on any of the flights. Shanghai Airlines and Air China will also join ANA as fellow members of the world’s foremost airline grouping, Star Alliance, at the end of this year.

With this agreement in place, the three airlines will offer between them 104 weekly flights between Japan and Shanghai, including Shanghai’s Pudong Airport. In total, they will offer 281 flights per week between Japan and China.