Southwest boosts cargo efficiency

Airlines Cargo selected Sabre Airline Solutions’ CargoMax Revenue
Manager system to help the airline increase efficiency and increase
cargo revenue and profitability. Sabre’s CargoMax Revenue Manager
system is an integrated and comprehensive solution that supports the
end-to-end cargo revenue management needs of an airline.

  “We are constantly seeking ways to improve our efficiency and
processes, and Sabre’s CargoMax Revenue Manager will help us meet
those objectives,” said Matt Buckley, senior director of Cargo for
Southwest Airlines. “While delivering the excellent customer service
for which we are known, Sabre’s CargoMax Revenue Manager will help us
increase revenue, specifically through more effective cargo space

  The system addresses all phases of revenue management operations
from capacity forecasting to overbooking management, demand
forecasting and bid pricing. The benefits of the system include the
carrier’s ability to increase cargo revenue and profitability, improve
efficiency through performance monitoring tools, and enhance flight
management through proactive identification of revenue streams while
maintaining service reliability for the customers.

  “Our aim is to implement a world-class revenue management solution
that is able to support decision-making capabilities based on a number
of scenarios,” said Kevin Russell, manager of Cargo Revenue Management
for Southwest.

  Steve Clampett, president of Airline Products and Solutions for
Sabre Airline Solutions, explained that the CargoMax Revenue Manager
system would help Southwest Cargo manage the complexity involved in
maximizing network level revenue and profitability through the
effective planning and sale of their cargo capacity.


  “Managing air cargo capacity is one of the most complex operations
for airlines today,” Clampett said. “Airlines need accurate
information in order to forecast capacity by segment and equipment
type, improve service reliability, generate reports, as well as
provide alerts and notifications.

  “We have found that with the CargoMax Revenue Manager system, some
airlines have increased their cargo revenues between 2 and 6 percent,
while the incidents of offloads and spoilage due to inaccurate
forecasting issues have been reduced. These proven results mean good
news for both the airline and the airline’s customers,” continued