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Travel is most popular search destination

Nielsen//NetRatings has revealed which sectors receive the most UK click-throughs from search engines and the sectors that have the greatest percentage of visitors coming from search.
* According to their research, in July 2007 Britons clicked on over 1.3 billion search results - that’s over 29,000 every single minute.

* The Multi-category Travel sector (containing brands such as, Expedia and Thomson) received the most of these click-throughs, 41.6 million = 4.7% of all click-throughs
* Google is now responsible for four in every five (80%) search click-throughs in the UK

Alex Burmaster, European Internet Analyst at Nielsen//NetRatings says, “Britons online are most likely to be searching for travel deals, social networks or reference information through sites like Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers.

To see how deeply ingrained search is in the Internet today, one needs to look no further than the fact the fourth most popular search destination is search itself. In other words, people use search engines to find other search engines!”

“Reference and information sites have the greatest percentage of visitors coming from search - whether it’s people looking for information on a place to visit, a local service, a hotel or something to buy. Research tools, dominated by Wikipedia, receive around four in every five visitors due to search - not surprising, when you consider how often Wikipedia shows up in the first page of Google results.
Wikipedia itself says that as it has many links and contains lots of content on a wide range of topics, their pages tend to rank well in search engines and to get a high PageRank on Google. Hence, large numbers of searchers clicking through to Wikipedia across a very wide range of search subjects.”