Anantara, Maldives offers surf lessons

The Anantara Resort in the Maldives is partnering with Australian company Tropicsurf, to offer an exciting range of surfing options including a 4-day course in this premier location. Amid Maldivian white sandy beaches and tropical islands, the aqua marine oceans give way to perfectly groomed waves, sweeping over flawlessly curved coral reefs.

From the luxurious comfort of Anantara, it is only a short boat ride from some of the Maldives most high quality waves. Unlike the busy North, the waves in the peaceful Anantara area offer six quality types to choose from, especially during the surfing season between April and October.

Novice surfers are given introductory lessons in the calm waters of the Anantara lagoon, guided by a qualified instructor. After fostering confidence in these ideal conditions, surfers can progress to the local surf break just off the lagoon edge. These perfectly shaped waves break over flat, coral reefs providing seamlessly peeled surf for novice surfers and longboarders who enjoy an easy take-off and a long ride. After 4 days training, novices are usually able to stand and ride the waves. The course method used by Tropicsurf is modular and allows students to quickly progress their skills under a 10-grade system of skill progression.

For the more intermediate and advanced surf riders, Tropicsurf will also provide 4-day coaching workshops and guided excursions to safely maximize surfer’s wave count. Video analysis is also on offer to improve surfer’s technique and progression. For those seeking the ultimate thrill, all-day surfing excursions on a private seaplane safari can deliver some of the planets most perfect, yet secluded breaks, offering surfers the ultimate ocean gliding stimulation.

Tropicsurf CEO Ross Phillips has explored the islands seeking the perfect wave for eleven years and knows the area intimately: “I am extremely excited about the opportunity to share our knowledge of surfing with guests at Anantara. There are some of the best waves you could find anywhere in the world right here on our doorstep. Not too many other surfers frequent these waters, and the best part is you don’t have to be a pro surfer to enjoy them.”