Verizon expands broadband network

Verizon Wireless has doubled the size of its high-speed wireless broadband network
in the Hudson Valley and Lower Catskills area by expanding the service into
eastern Dutchess County, western Orange and Ulster counties, and into
Sullivan County. Customers throughout the area can now access the Internet,
email, corporate data, and multimedia entertainment services at faster
speeds - and send large data files five to six times faster than before—
as the company continues to expand the next-generation of its high-speed
wireless broadband network across Upstate New York.
  The company has added CDMA 1x Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Revision
A (Rev. A) technology to dozens of cell sites throughout Dutchess, Orange,
Sullivan and Ulster counties, effectively doubling the size of its existing
local EV-DO network. Verizon Wireless customers can now access the
company’s BroadbandAccess and V CAST services in dozens of communities
throughout Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties.
  Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO network launched in the Hudson Valley area in
December 2006. Coverage now stretches from Buffalo east through Syracuse,
Albany north to Glens Falls and south through the Poughkeepsie area,
Binghamton west through the Elmira/Corning area, and in Ithaca. The entire
Upstate New York EV-DO network is now Rev. A capable, meaning customers can
enjoy even faster speeds when both downloading and sending large files than
before on the company’s broadband data network.
  “Verizon Wireless is focused on providing the best customer experience
and a major part of that commitment is making sure we continue to have the
best, most reliable network,” said Marquett Smith, president of Verizon
Wireless’ Upstate New York Region. “Instead of merely offering wireless
broadband service in downtown areas or near airports, we’re committed to
giving our customers the ability to access the Internet, corporate data,
and premium entertainment content at broadband speeds throughout the Hudson
Valley and Lower Catskills area.”
  The company’s national wireless broadband network, the first in the
nation, is already available to more than 210 million Americans and close
to 200 major airports from coast to coast, including the Buffalo-Niagara
International Airport, the Greater Rochester International Airport, and the
Albany International Airport.
  “Our enhanced BroadbandAccess service gives our customers three key
advantages in wireless communication: speed, mobility and security,” said
Smith. “With these advantages comes an increase in productivity and bottom-
line business benefits.”
  Consumers and mobile professionals can use BroadbandAccess to access
their corporate information on their laptops and e-mail on their PDAs, and
through V CAST multimedia services, can download popular TV show clips,
music videos, and full length songs from a library of over 2 million tunes,
plus access cool 3-D games.