Expedia Corporate enhances reporting tool

Expedia Corporate Travel (ECT) has integrated global consolidated reporting capability. Available from mid-September, ECT global consolidated reporting allows travel managers to create and run customized travel reports that aggregate travel data across countries and subsidiaries. Reports can be produced in the languages and currency of choice. These in-depth, real-time reports offer companies insight into both the financial performance and travel activity within their global travel program.

Expedia® Corporate Travel offers integrated call centre and online booking capabilities and now adds integrated global consolidated data reporting. Whether bookings are made online or offline, for domestic or international travel, all ECT customer data is collected, stored and managed in the same way. This ensures that customers will have direct, real-time access to all of their travel data, when they want it and in the way they want it, giving them more insight and control of their travel program.

“In a global market, travel managers must make the most informed decisions on a worldwide basis to run efficient programs and our global consolidated reporting provides access to the information and insight they need to accomplish this goal” said Jean-Pierre Remy, President of Expedia® Corporate Travel. “We have worked closely with our global customers to ensure that consolidated reporting not only brings them the information they need, but makes that information easy to get.”

Global consolidated reporting was designed to be easy for customers to use. It has a familiar Web interface that lets travel managers organize, view and manage their information in the way that is most useful to them. Travel managers can view their program at a summary level, or drill down and view at the supplier, market, ticket or segment level. Because the information is available in near real-time, travel managers also have up to the minute information including traveller location and contact information that can be used in case of an emergency.

Additionally Expedia® Corporate Travel Europe has also announced significant upgrades to its existing reporting suite. Air and train travel can now be analyzed in greater detail for market share by destination, airline/carrier and even class of travel. This, along with existing services such as advance bookings, savings, and online adoption reports, empowers travel managers to better negotiate with service providers as well as helping to optimize their travel decisions.


“Expedia® Corporate Travel reporting tools are a result of the technological investment that we have made in ensuring access to all data is seamless and fully integrated and part of our aim to create a market place with full and comprehensive content” said Christophe Pingard, Vice President of Expedia® Corporate Travel Europe. Bookings and travel can be finely evaluated by travel managers, regardless of whether they have been affected online or offline. Travel managers in Europe can now benefit from additional information to help assess the efficiency of their program by usage, frequency of travel and even spend by travel class”.