Amadeus facilitates private fares

Amadeus has launched new generation IT solutions for filing private fares in the distribution system; fares can now be filed through the FareXpert Filing Platform and the XML Fare Data Interface.

The new technology will help airlines, consolidators and travel agencies to implement the results of negotiations between airlines and their distribution partners over fares.

“Bilateral agreements between airlines, online travel agencies and consolidators are likely to play an ever-greater role in the travel distribution value chain as competition increases. The fast and accurate loading of fares is growing in the list of priorities for all these companies,” says Georg Ruebensal, Director of Operations for Expedia in Asia Pacific.

Negotiated - or private - fares filed via Amadeus fare filing solutions account for roughly 40 million Amadeus bookings each year. Amadeus FareXpert’s user-friendly graphical user interface offers the power to control private fare distribution in local markets more accurately and enables organisations buying or selling travel to react instantly to market changes in a price-sensitive environment.

“We are pleased to see Amadeus investing to continuously improve our efficiency in this area. It is crucial that we can make a fare available to the market as soon as possible, otherwise we lose the benefit, so filing fares quickly and accurately is very important; we expect negotiated fares in particular to increase in importance. The new FareXpert Negotiated Fares solution is more flexible, user-friendly and overall more powerful; filing fares is quicker and fares are available for sale within a few minutes - FareXpert includes a great deal of time saving functionality,” comments Eric Duroselle, Pricing and Distribution Manager for American Airlines in France.


Amadeus XML Fare Data Interface allows large volumes of fares to be loaded automatically from an in-house database to the Amadeus system. Valère Vandercruys, CEO of Gateway, a company which loads fares on behalf of some of the largest airlines and online travel agencies in the world, adds: “The database holds more detailed fares’ data than ever before, allowing airlines greater control to fine-tune the conditions attached to each fare. Despite this extra data, the new solution allows fares to be loaded even faster: after a rigorous quality check, we can upload the fares to the Amadeus platform in a matter of seconds. This way our customers can make their negotiated fares available on the market much faster than before.