Kyoto eyes campaign to lure winter tourists

The City of Kyoto will undertake a campaign from this December to next March in a bid to attract foreign tourists during the winter months. The “Kyoto Winter Special” drive, the city’s first attempt of the kind, will be timed with the central government’s “Visit Japan” campaign.

During the campaign, tourist information will be provided through a website ( ). Among the information will be details of the public viewing of cultural assets (usually closed to the public), the first time such information will be made available to foreign tourists. Other information will include regular winter events such as the “Hanatoro” street decoration by lanterns, flowers and other ornaments. Also offered will be special services such as the upgrade of hotel rooms for foreigners visiting the city during the campaign.

  Outline of the campaign

  DURATION: From December 1, 2007, to March 31, 2008

  —Supply of information on cultural assets offered for public viewing
    during the campaign period (otherwise closed to the public)
  —Supply of information on attractive winter events in Kyoto, including
    the “Hanatoro” street decoration, New Year’s Eve and New Year events,
    and those on February 3 marking the end of winter known as “Setsubun”
  —Supply of information on special services such as the upgrade of hotel