Airlines back US air traffic decision

The Air Transport Association of America has welcomed the awarding of a contract for
Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast services, the
backbone of the Next Generation air traffic control system:ATA has issued a statement in response to the Federal Aviation
Administration announcement:
“ATA and its member airlines applaud the FAA’s decision to move forward
with deployment of ADS-B. We recognize the critical role this technology
will play in creating the NextGen ATC system and look forward to working
with the FAA and other industry stakeholders on the earliest possible
delivery of its operational, financial and environmental benefits. In
particular, we look forward to having the ITT Corporation team apply its
expertise in assessing the range of ADS-B benefits and identifying
incentives to accelerate user equipage. Now, it is up to Congress to
institute a fair funding mechanism that ends the subsidy of corporate
jets currently collected from passengers.”