Netherlands tourism pioneers Second Life

The Netherlands Board Of Tourism & Conventions is launching, a fully Web2.0 based site, as well as the official launch of the world’s first national tourism board in Second Life,
The new is a fully web2.0 based website which offers not just a quick and easy way to find information about travel to Holland, but also invites users to be part of an interactive Dutch travel community. Registered users are a valuable piece of this mutually beneficial community and permit you to share first-hand information about your past trips, contribute articles, videos and images, allowing the site to evolve and strengthen on a continuous basis. Not only do users contribute content, but this site automates content collection through XML and RSS feeds, such as Google news, Yahoo Travel, Flickr and YouTube. Furthermore, by rating and commenting on virtually everything throughout the site, users force the most informative content to become prominent and useful for everyone.

Special features for registered users include:

* My Suitcase, a personal archive of your favorite content
  on saved by a simple click of the mouse.

* Print a Brochure, allowing you to convert the items from your
  suitcase into a printable format to take with you on your travels.

* Tagging, by tagging entities you participate in the Tag Cloud
  system of navigation. Your tagging will reveal what types of
  entities on the site our users favor and it will encourage more
  detailed information about these subjects to be revealed.

* The best Travel Deals, try our Deals page for the latest Holland
  vacation packages and when you are searching for the best fare,
  try our fare locator.

* Subscriptions, bookmark your favorite users to be alerted when
  they have posted new content.

* Messaging, send messages to other users through the website as a
  safe method of communication without revealing your personal email.

* Customizable Profiles, including profile images.

* Access to any features that releases in the future.

Holland is proud to announce the establishment of “New Holland,” an island in Second Life, a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents, showcasing the best of Holland. The island has the look and feel of the city of Amsterdam, with a large canal crossing the entire island. It features cobblestone streets, bicycles, boats, typical Dutch and contemporary architecture, bridges crossing the canals, Dutch flags, and tulip fields near a Dutch windmill. Party at “Club Gogh Gogh” or discover the ambiance of a typical brown cafe, marvel in front of Dutch masterpiece paintings at the museum or, simply, visit the island to obtain tourism information, located throughout “New Holland.” Maps can be located on the walls of the Canal houses “Het Gele Huis” and the Student Lounge. Billboards describe Holland’s Highlights. All information links directly to Sample itineraries can be found on walls near Club Gogh Gogh. Soon students can pick up the newspaper at the Student Lounge, which will lead you to . And for that budget conscience traveler? Free postcards and tulips are given away to each visitor, enjoy a free bike ride, a free canal boat tour and free drinks at the club.

“Both Holland2.0 and are delivering consumers the next generation of travel research on the web and the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions is proud to be part of that,” said Director North America, Conrad van Tiggelen. “We invite travelers to join our New Holland virtual opening party on Friday, September 14th in Second Life.”