Cancun tourism weathers storm

“We were very fortunate,” explains CEO, Arturo Escaip of the Cancun Convention & Visitors’ Bureau. “We experienced some rainfall and wind but we virtually came out of this storm unscathed. We learned a lot from Wilma in 2005, so when Dean was aiming towards us, we were very well prepared. We persuaded our guest travelers to refrain from visiting Cancun at least that weekend, and the ones that were already here, went back home. Emergency management committees met continuously prior to, during and after the storm to ensure that proper plans were in place to protect our visitors and residents.

“When the storm turned south, the remaining tourists decided to stay in their hotels, where they were comfortably sheltered in newly reinforced structures. Now we are back to business as usual.”

The Cancun International Airport is operating normally. Area highways are open, and all public utility services, including electricity, water and telephone communications, are fully operational. Shopping centers and tourist attractions are operating normally.

The beaches are open to the public and engineers are making assessments regarding the continuation of Cancun’s beach reinforcement program.

“Our goal is to ensure that all visitors enjoy a superior vacation experience,” continued Mr. Escaip. “Cancun is in the tourism business. The safety and well-being of all visitors to Cancun is essential to our economy and will always remain our first priority. After all, we want all of our visitors to continue to return to this premier beach destination for years to come.”