Go-today adds Malaysia packages

Go-today.com is offering
unique travel packages to Malaysia - a diverse destination known for its
colorful culture, welcoming people, vibrant seasonal festivities, and home
to the Petronas Twin Towers, the word’s second tallest buildings. From the
top of these massive structures, you will be able to see a sample of the
contrast this country is famous for - urban development mixed with wooden
structures. Malaysia also boasts some of Asia’s most superb beaches,
jungles, mountains, and national parks.
  “We are very excited to add Malaysia as a travel option. This new
venture adds even more depth to our list of international destinations,
while providing the same level of value-oriented travel that our customers
have come to expect,” stated Martin Froggatt, go-today.com Vice President
of Operations. “While in Malaysia, visitors can gain perspective that comes
from experiencing contrasting cultures, environments, and ways of life.”