Aeroflot sells over 100,000 etickets

The overall number of e-tickets issued by Aeroflot in the first six months topped 100,000.  in 6M2007 Aeroflot is the first Russian carrier to introduce and begin sales of full-blown electronic tickets.

The air carrier began to introduce e-tickets this March, when mutual sales with Sky Team partner companies began. In April, Aeroflot activated its e-ticket in the foreign agents’ network. This enabled the air company to sell electronic tickets in all settlement-clearing systems of the IATA international air transportation association in almost 50 countries.

Today, Aeroflot’s electronic tickets are sold by in- house outlets, both in and outside Russia, and foreign agents. The air company also distributes e-tickets via interline partners. It has relevant agreements with air companies KLM, Aeromexico, Continental, Delta, Korean Air, NorthWest, Alitalia, Kenia Airways, United Airlines, Copa, Mexicana, British Airways, Air Malta, Air Canada and Swiss. By September 1, plans call for introducing an electronic interline with China Southern and Air Europa.

Today, the e-ticket technology is supported on 40 routes of the air company and by year’s end their number will rise to 60. In 2008, Aeroflot’s entire itinerary network will go electronic.