Okura Hotels sign on Galileo

Okura Hotels & Resort has recently enhanced its connectivity by implementing Galileo’s Inside Shopper (next generation seamless connectivity), Complete Pricing, and Triples & Quads functionalities. As a result, Okura has improved the quality, quantity, and relevance of the data it provides Galileo-connected travel agencies. 
Galileo’s Inside Shopper allows hotels to provide true rate and availability information from the very first hotel availability request, providing real-time access directly from the hotel’s central reservation system. Agents are thereby provided more accurate information, eliminating the discrepancy between what’s initially displayed and what is later found to be available.
At the same time, Galileo’s Complete Pricing addresses the needs of leisure-oriented travellers by providing them with the complete cost of the hotel stay up front, eliminating guess work and manual calculations. 
Meanwhile, Galileo’s Triples & Quads functionality allows users to look for relevant rates throughout the shopping and booking process when there are more than two persons occupying a room.  Hotels then respond only with room options that can accommodate the number of adults requested.  Additionally, the cost of the room, at the requested occupancy, is known up front, thereby eliminating the need to take an extra booking step to add persons at the time of sell.
According to Joe Lim, Business Development Manager, Hotel and Car Services, Galileo Asia, “We’re delighted to have Okura Hotels & Resorts, one of Asia’s leading luxury hotel brands, join over 200 other hotel groups participating in Inside Shopper, the highest level of participation and connectivity we offer our hotel suppliers. This development means that Okura will now be able to make only the most updated and accurate inventory and rates available to our 50,000 leisure and business travel agents worldwide thereby allowing them to offer faster and enhanced service to their customers.  Once again, this latest link up between Okura and Galileo confirms our leadership in this area.”